Brasil Cacau Brazilian Blow Out

Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair smoothing or straightening hair treatments are the latest technology in hair. Brasil Cacau is a thermal reconstruction treatment that flattens hair cuticles. (Think of this process as laminating the hair cuticles with a layer of plastic)Therefore the inner structure of the hair is not chemically altered. Results are instant and give the hair a frizz-free smoothness next to none. The hair structure is infused with shine and is humidity proof. When the client leaves the salon, her hair will be radiant smoother/straighter and frizz-free.

VERY IMPORTANT: Correct aftercare is essential after having a BRASIL CACAU SMOOTHING TREATMENT

Please take home with you our fabulous Professional home products to keep your Keratin blowout as long and beautiful as possible.

Brazil Cacau Retail Range

Brazil Cacau

*Basil Cacau Anti – Frizz Shampoo

*Brasil Cacau Anti – Frizz Conditioner

*Basil Cacau Hydrating Hair Complex Mask

*Brasil Cacau Shine Serum

*Brasil Cacau Primer

Also added to this range is CADIVEU Glamour Precious Fluid

Brasil Cacau Extreme repair

*Brasil Cacau Extreme Shampoo

*Brasil Cacau Extreme Conditioner

*Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Mask

*Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Cocoa Dose

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