Hair Services

All our hairdressing services include a free hair consultation by one of our hair specialists. Hair consultations can be done prior to, or on the day of your appointment.

Every clients’ hair needs are different and from the get-go shampoo and conditioning treatments are individualized. With a great range of styling products at hand, we can give you that picture-perfect finishing look. Our stylists will also recommend professional hair care products for home use.

For more information please contact us and speak to one of our service professionals.


Blow dry

Blow-drying is a temporary restructuring of the hair into a shape or style of personal choice. Today blow-drying is made easy with all the distinct products available to support styling, not mentioning all the stylers and blow dryers on the market.

About our Colour

  • Colour: Permanent from roots to ends
  • Colorance: Semi-Permanent and Colour Shampoo
  • Oxidant-free: Elumen and Elumen Play high-performance color that gives extra shine without damaging the hair.
  • Highlights: Freehand, Combed, Cap, Few streaks, Top foils, Half a foil, Full foil, Root foils on Full and Half heads. We use High lifters, Bleach, and Permanent color.
  • Tint: Full head, Root Tint with Color Balancing.
  • Toner: Can be used on all lightened hair to tone unwanted shades
  • Color fix and corrections: To rectify unpleasant hair and make you love your hair again
  • Radical color changes: going back to blonde done right, leaving your hair healthy

Colour Play

  • Ombre: This is the gradual blending of one color to another usually moving different colors from dark to light or light to dark.
  • Balayage: a Soft sun-kissed sweeping color from root to end. It is technically a softer looking highlighted technique through the hair with darker roots lighter ends
  • Rainbow Streak: Includes streaks of different vibrant colors. The colors must blend into each other from top to bottom or in alternative vertical lines
  • Funky Punk colors: The canvas is yours to do whatever your imagination can conker up from soft pastels to bright neon’s
  • Fashion hair: if you know which latest trend is right for you or just looking for the latest fashionable hair, our stylists will guide you through the latest cuts and colors leaving you styling

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