Mycro Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

The Advantages of Using Mycro Keratin


– The treatment is quick and easy and only takes an average of ninety minutes of your time!


– No smoke, toxins or harmful chemicals will be experienced during the treatment


– 100% of your frizz problem will be removed after using Mycro Keratin


– Restores the natural Keratin levels in your hair


– Wash and style your hair immediately after the treatment


– Although not permanent, the treatment is long term, lasting from three to six months!


– The result is strong, soft, beautifully healthy hair with a radiant shine


– Reduce styling time at home by 60 – 70%

We at Mycro Keratin understand that the world of hair care is ever changing and it is therefore why we are always willing to develop newer, better, more efficient technology within our products. Our products were designed to penetrate the hair, providing nourishment within each strand, fill each fracture which may have developed in the strand and furthermore surround each strand with a protective keratin barrier. Used correctly, this product can improve not only the appearance of your hair, but also its actual health. Reduce styling time at home by 60 – 70% The Technology and Results behind Our Products is Confidence behind the Mirror

What exactly is Mycrotechnology? Mycrotechnology is the branch of technology which deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 micro-meters and especially focuses on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Therefore, by using this form of technology, we are able to create molecules of keratin so small within our product, that they are able to penetrate each strand of hair, repairing it from the inside out. Now while there are many products on the market today which contain keratin and various vitamins promising to enrich your hair today, the molecules within them are too large to actually do anything more than sit on top of your hair and wash off when the hair is rinsed.

Mycrotechnology creates : Healthy, shiny, strong hair is the perfect picture which every woman wishes to see staring back at her from the mirror. Everyone wishes to have a full healthy head of hair but environmental damage , chemical damage, and mechanical damageare all things which can strip the hair of its keratin leaving it damaged and brittle and leaving the person that much further from their perfect hair goal. Mycro Keratin Treatments have been developed in order to replenish the hair from the inside out, replacing the natural protein which has been stripped from it for which ever reason. Our products are all packed full of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals and we utilize

In-Salon Mycro Keritin Treatment

Mycro Keratin products are made using the same basic formulas and base components. We use ingredients that are mostly organic and are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Will ensures that we produce an ever efficient high quality product throughout all products which we create.

Furthermore, this means that the effect of the treatment can last for as long as six months if used in conjunction with the Mycro Keratin products after being performed.




So How Does The Treatment Work? Before starting the 6 steps, make sure you did a client consultation.

step 21

Clarifying Shampoo


Firstly, the hair will be washed twice using our clarifying shampoo. The reason we choose to use our clarifying shampoo is because it strips all fats and oils from the hair and scalp before the treatment, leaving your hair light and ready for the procedure. Do not use conditioner after shampooing!
step 32



Rough, dry the hair until it is 100% dry. The application will not be successful if the hair is not completely dry as the water neutralizes the formulation.
step 43

Keratin Treatment application


Begin by dividing the hair into four sections. Start applying it 1/2 cm from the scalp and comb the treatment into each part, ensuring that it is distributed evenly before moving on to the next. After you have applied the treatment all over, check that it has been applied equally and to all sections of the hair. Ensure you use enough product to coat the hair and create a wet look.
step 94

Waiting time


Leave the treatment on the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. As the treatment consists of ingredients which are mainly natural and unharmful, this ensures that the hair will incur no future damage, nor will any harm or discomfort come to the customer during the treatment time. NO HEAT! MUST DRY NATURALLY!
step 65

Heat application


After the 30-minute waiting period, if the hair is still very damp rough dry. Separate the hair once again and begin to blow dry, focusing on the roots. You will notice white flakes. It is not dandruff but an excess product that has not been absorbed into the hair. Use a standard round blow wave brush; this will remove all excess product.
step 76

Booster Treatment


Once the smoothing process has been completed, lightly shampoo (Madame Madame / Keraxir) the hair, towel dry the hair and apply masque (Keraxir / Tone & Treat) mid-length to ends. Leave the masque for 5 minutes, for extra shine spray the serum on top of the masque, leave for 3 minutes. Comb the hair and rinse — style as usual with beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.
step 8



For guaranteed results, use the Mycro Keratin home care. Lasting results can not be guaranteed without it.

– Keraxir for fine to medium
– Madame Madame for thick hair
– Tone & Treat Silver range for blond hair