Bond Fusion Phase 3



  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Significantly less hair breakage
  • Continuous conditioning
  • Restore hair bonds that have broken during decolorizing
  • Bond Fusion is a 3-phase treatment, including a maintenance product for home use


Let curls and waves do their bouncy thing – and then some. N°25 Curl Cream creates the perfect foundation for styling, as it moisturizes and conditions the hair – and keeps all that gentle hydration locked in. So curls can come into their right – and stay soft, shiny, and full of beautiful bounce – while keeping frizz under control.


Lovely smooth hair is easy to achieve. As long as you start with a good styling prep, with N°57 Straight Cream. This heat-activated cream does what it promises – without harsh chemicals – adding shine and body while straightening curls and flattening frizz until the next wash.


A luxurious and multifunctional hair serum infused with a tulip-inspired fragrance. The Royal Tribute Hair Serum with Vitamin E promotes hair health and smooths and nourishes the hair for an enviable shine. Vitamin E protects the hair from external influences and promotes hair health. A multifunctional hair serum that can be integrated with your Keune Color, Care, or Style routine. Suitable for all hair types. Smooths and nourishes the hair, adds enviable shine. Promotes hair health. Comes with an exclusive Klibansky print and show box!


For volume that makes a real statement, go for N°74 Strong Mousse. With factor 7 hold, it’s got the power to add incredible volume and fullness, with a nice touch of shine. Strong styling polymers keeps hair in style – while conditioners like panthenol condition and strengthen hair.


What would we do without curling and straightening irons? Let them work their magic with N°27 Hot Iron Spray. It forms a protective shield from heat up to 230°C (450°F). Just mist hair for 92% less breakage, more natural shine – and extra protection from sun’s harmful UV rays


We love the joys of great hairspray, but helmet head is so last century. That’s why we developed N°86 Freestyle Spray. For strong, all-day hold that sets hair and adds natural shine – but also respects hair’s freedom of movement. Well, except for those bits of hair that want to frizz out. We know how to put them in their place.


Our N°88 Ultra Gel is all about the structure, shine – and amazing hold. This is gel for today’s hairstyles, and for people who love intense shine. So go wild and sculpt or set hair how you like it. N°88 Ultra Gel also offers heat protection up to 230°C (450°F) – so grab a blow dryer and have fun transforming hair with natural definition and texture.