Ladies cut

“So many different hairstyles so little time !”

Facial shapes can be considered when choosing a hairstyle. Different Facial shapes: Oval, Heart, Square, Round, Long, and Diamond.


  • The Pixy Cut is one of the most popular short hair cuts, Framing the face in a  crop or wispy version. It can also be worn very short or slightly longer for a more messy get-out of bed look. Easy to style or to wash and go.
  • Female Cropped Haircuts can be shaped from very short on the sides and back to a short or longer top. It can be styled very slick, wild, or keep the style soft and feminine.
  • Short Textured Haircuts, also known as the short Shaggy, is cut using scissors and razors and feathering hair at a specific angle.
  • Bowl cut or Mushroom cut with an undercut is also a high fashion at the moment. Solid lines used. Style anyway you like!
  • Wedge cuts create a lot of volumes and are easy to maintain. Unlike the Bowl Cut, it is much softer and often layered with wispy hair around the face.


Bob haircuts

Is a typical straight hair cut around the head from the nape of the neck to the front of the ear. Short to medium length hair. Bob cuts can be shaped differently to be more versatile.

Graduated Bob, also called a Stacked bob with graduated layers in the back, creates more volume.

Reverse Bob also was known as an Inverted Bob, has very definite lines graduated up to the occipital bone. This gives the impression of a more curved look in the back apposed to a flat look.

A-Line Bob will always be shorter in the back of the head slopping forwards. All one length with no layers.

Lob Bob is when there is a distinct difference in length between the bob cut in the back and the distance in the front. Always cut above the shoulder.

Choppy Bob just another version of the classic short bob with a lot of texturizing to give the hair that wind-blown look. It can be worn straight, curly, and with lots of volume.

Textured and Layered Bob what a fabulous hairstyle for those people that is looking for a no-nonsense hair cut with volume. Very low maintenance!

A-Symmetrical Bob is a wonderful cut for the Avon guard client that loves to have something different. This bob is cut short with one side much longer.

Classic Blunt Bob this bob will never go out fashion. Suits all ages. There are so many interpretations that this can never be a boring cut. Will always be loved by who-ever wears it.

Pageboy Cut (Pudding bowl or basin cut ) has very defined lines around the hairline and mostly looks like a rounded pudding bowl.

Layered Shoulder length Cut can have many or fewer layers depending on the hair type. More layers will create a fuller wilder look where less thickness will give you movement and volume. Add texturing and soften the layers on the face for a more versatile look.


Long blunt one-length cut is most popular under young girls. Blunt cutting creates a fuller look, in curly hair that is bushy the hair will be weighed down for better control

Long blunt V- Shape one length cut still keeping hair one length but starting with shorter hair in the front on the face shaping a v to the back of the head.

Long hair Layer cuts creates movement and style in hair. Layers can be many or few with texture depending on the type off hair.

Fringes or Bangs can be cut with any of the above styles  as blunt, layered or textured as you like