Men’s Haircut

Today there are such a variety of different styles for men — no more reason, not to look slick and stylish.

  • Fade haircut pertains to gradually fading shorter hair into long hair. Mostly the back and sides of the hair get faded into the longer hair on top of the head. It can be any blade from number 0-6. Obtain a high fade, low fade, or above the ear fade.
  • Tapering hair is all about achieving a long to short or a short to long cut. Not necessarily shaved.
  • Comb over is a very versatile hair cut as nearly every man has seen the comb-over cut. The slickness of the 60s combines into the overlooking styles today.
  • Undercut, there is no blending between the bottom and top of the hair. You can add a side path or lengthy asymmetrical top — Ware this cut regardless of the rules.
  • Shag cut requires texturizing, thinning, and styling the hair for that messy get out of bed look.
  • Hair shave for that person who wants to have a comfortable life.
  • Crew cut originates from 1927. It’s a classic, also known as short side and back cut.
  • Spiky Cut says it all
  • Flat top for men with very straight medium to coarse hair to boost a strong formation in cut and style.
  • Cropped cut, also known as short side and back cut. Blended from short to long, where the hair becomes abruptly shorter at sides and back without lines or step in the hair.
  • Mohawk cut /Mohican cut exists by shaving the sides and back of hair completely off and leaving a strip of longer hair running down the middle top of the head.
  • The Quiff cut works on all hair types.  Short sides, back and top with a longer fringe that can be worn back and sideways or messy.